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A few of my current projects, and where you can check them out!

AstralSounds Ch2 Cover Textless.jpg


AstralSounds is a webcomic about an alien named Yunni, who discovers that perhaps the universe beyond his home planet is more complicated than he had been led to believe.

Though not devoid of serious topics, AstralSounds is meant to be a fun sci-fi adventure, relatively safe for younger readers. If you like to see a story where kindness, understanding, and solidarity can help make a harsh world a little bit better, AstralSounds might just be for you.

I have been posting AstralSounds to its own website since 2016. More recently, I began posting to other sites, including Webtoon and Tapas. Chapter One has now been printed as an 80-page physical book, available to buy from my online store or at conventions.

Favor: Gods of Oethera

Favor: Gods of Oethera is a tile placement RPG adventure board game made in collaboration with my friend and business partner, Peter Norton. You play as an ambassador from one of six fantasy races, attempting to regain the favor of the gods.

We originally created Favor for the 2020 Global Game  Jam, and decided we had a project solid enough to turn into a full, published game. Despite the pandemic, we have been working hard to polish everything up enough for printing. I have been the sole artist on the project.

Favor Promo Art.png
Ixiltober - Day 22.png


Among other upcoming projects, I am working on another comic, set in the same universe as AstralSounds, but focused on a different set of characters. This story will be intended for slightly more mature audiences, with some language and violence, unlike what you would see in AstralSounds.

Keep an eye on my Twitter page for updates and news about this project!

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